Ejimozy Ggets Gold YouTube Plaque for 1 Million Subscribers

Well known Nigerian Youtuber, Ejimozy (Ejimogu Uchechukwu) has gotten a YouTube play button in acknowledgment of his channel arriving at 1 million endorsers on youtube. Sent off in 2016, Ejimozy curates content about characters in Nigeria’s media outlet, zeroing in altogether on Nollywood, Nigeria’s flourishing film industry.

From his most memorable video, Ejimozy made a video about the most extravagant Nollywood entertainers. The channel has gotten some momentum drawing in huge number of perspectives from an audience anxious to comprehend the lives and accomplishments of individuals who make sorcery on the big screen. From fun realities about big names to film surveys, superstar occasion inclusion, accounts, and selective essence, Ejimozy has turned into the conclusive voice on YouTube for everything Nollywood.


Building an audience past Nigeria’s boundaries, Nollywood has turned into a worldwide power fueled by a Nigerian diaspora who watch Nollywood content to stay in contact with their foundations and a developing acknowledgment of Nollywood across other African nations. As per Exploration, Nollywood’s extended worth starting around 2021 was $6.4 billion flaunting the landmass’ largest numbers as far as the quantity of movies created yearly, income, worth, and followership.

With such an enormous acknowledgment of Nollywood, there is an interest for content around the business and individuals in it. This is where Ejimozy has constructed his specialty turning into the champion voice for everything Nollywood by delivering inventive video content.
With the landmark accomplishment of 1 million supporters, Ejimozy joins a selective rundown of African makers who have crossed the 1 million mark. This rundown incorporates Nigeria’s Mark Heavenly messenger Parody, Ghana’s WODE MAYA, and some more

Responding to the plaque show, Ejimozy gave a sprinkle of the astonishing things to come as the channel keeps on seeing fast development.

“I’m appreciative to YouTube for the acknowledgment of my advancement and I’m amped up for the following stage. It will be colossal. The objective for Ejimozy is to make a local area that stretches out past the channel.”

“I need to make a local area that associates admirers of the various classifications in Nollywood motion pictures, from the makers zeroed in on Netflix, Prime Video, film, and other real time features to free makers disseminating basically through YouTube. Whether you’re an admirer of Old Nollywood or New Nollywood, everybody is gladly received!”