Do Seojun and Jugyeong break up?

Suho at long last returned to Korea however Seojun realize that his return just marked the conclusion of his friendship with Jugyeong.

Suho and Jugyeong ran into one another at the Namsan Pinnacle and injuries from long ago and sentiments were enlivened.

Jugyeong was as yet harmed and irate about how things finished among them and made it a point to it clear to Suho that she had not pardoned him for not having confidence in her when the time called for it.

Inevitably with Seojun, Jugyeong at long last concluded she expected to educate him how she really felt regarding him. In any case, Seojun definitely knew reality, he realize that her heart was rarely his.

He misled her that Suho was leaving for America once more and she rushed to his home in tears. Seojun just did this so she would acknowledge the amount she actually adored Suho, he succeeded in light of the fact that the two open dependent upon one another once more lastly rejoin, leaving Seojun in tears and misfortune.