Diddy Says “Fake Pastor” Ma$e Owes Him $3 Million While Addressing Rumors Of Stealing From Artists

With The Morning feast Club, followed through on Oct. 5, Mr. Brushes kept an eye on pieces of noise smirching his melodic legacy.

For quite a while, people online have inspected how Diddy probably coordinates business. Experts who’ve as of late worked with him have filled these conversations with accounts of the hip-skip big shot burglarizing them. Moreover, Ma$e is on the overview of witnesses.


Regardless, according to Diddy’s new plunk down, the rapper owes him a pack instead of the opposite strategy for getting around! Additionally, for anyone considering, Diddy says he’s never taken from anyone.

“If you envision that I’m a scum bucket that could anytime take anything, I’m Diddy Sean Brushes. I didn’t take nothing from nobody day to day in my life. All I’ve anytime offered is possibility and more money than an individual was making,” he said. “So when I hear or see things and I’m like wow this energy that they got on me like I’m Colossal Red or something like that. I opened up the entrances.

Diddy Says Criminal Conversations Happen When “Money Is Running Low”
After Diddy’s clarification above, Charlamagne Tha God got some data about taking from skilled workers. The creator speedily ensured he’s seldom finished accordingly. Charlamagne then, at that point, asked Diddy where does he think the criminal story came from.

“People have this thing called the tap-out button. Whenever you show up at a particular point and the money is running low, you need to run this hustle to endeavor to find somebody to blame,” Diddy said. “I have all of my receipts. We will do an uncommon, a survey, with all of the specialists and we will get this story clear.”

It’s unclear when that remarkable plunk down will go down, but he moreover discussed his relationship with one of his witnesses, Ma$e. You’ll audit the rapper took to Instagram to call Kin Friendship out in 2020 over his conveying and coins.

“… .to see change you can make change today by starting with yourself,” Ma$e made. “U really got my circulating from quite a while ago in which u gave me $20K. Which makes me never need to work w/u as any expert couldn’t after u acknowledge someone is stealing from you and staining your name when u would prefer not to assent w/his horrendous strategy.” He added, “No truly seeking shelter behind ‘love.’ U CHANGED? GIVE THE Specialist BACK THEIR $$$. So they can manage their families.”

Diddy Says Ma$e Owes Him $3 Million, Yet Claims He Wants No Meat
Diddy didn’t mince his words while communicating on Ma$e on The Morning feast Club. He got right to the rapper’s cases regardless, watching out for his spell as a priest.

“I did one assortment with Ma$e. One assortment. How much money do you think I owe this individual,” Diddy said. “One assortment and a while later he transformed into a fake priest and continued to con people and subsequently you all gon let him throw soil on the God’s name.”

The Dreadful Youngster Records owner in like manner tried anyone shipping off charges against him to show their receipts.

“Anybody can come and push ahead, bring your receipts, yet I’m not playing,” Diddy said. “I’m back outside and I’m fighting back for us and I’m similarly doing a little fight back for me.”

Charlamagne followed up Diddy’s decree with the request, “how much money does somebody like a Ma$e owe you?”

“Ma$e owes me $3 million bucks. That is real factors, I got the receipt,” Diddy said.

With prompting from DJ Envy, Diddy certified that he gave Ma$e currencies momentarily assortment, yet the rapper will not at any point convey. No matter what that, Diddy says he won’t be going all around with anybody, including Ma$e.

“Accepting that I’m here I will uphold myself now,” he said. Diddy later added, “reality gon be reality anyway we gon’ get to the real world, for whatever length of time I’m outside. I’m taking the necessary steps not to not start anything with nobody. Ma$e, I love Ma$e. Moreover, I will tell anybody, anybody thinks I owe them something show me the receipt, you get remunerated in 24 hours.”

In July, Ma$e was faulted for reiterating Diddy’s alleged business moves with another expert. By then, Fivio New said he had as of late marked a plan with Ma$e and just got a $5,000 advance.

“No, I gave him $750,000,” Mase said during a million Dollaz Worth of Game gathering in August. Have Wallo encroached, asking, “You never gave him $5,000?” Mase replied, “At one time I gave him $5,000, but I gave him $750,000.”