Did Neyo Cheat On Monyetta Shaw? Relationship Timeline and Kids

Ne-Yo’s better half, Crystal Smith, guaranteed on Instagram that he had an unsanctioned romance with his ex, Monyetta Shaw, and different ladies, which turned into a hot subject across the web.

Ne-Yo and his significant other Crystal Smith seemed to have a concise compromise subsequent to restoring their promises in April.


Smith said in an Instagram post that her popular spouse is as yet betraying her and that she is presently at last prepared to cut off the friendship on Saturday night, July 30. Roughly an hour west of Los Angeles, Ne-Yo and Smith traded promises in 2016.

Did Neyo Cheat On Monyetta Shaw? Shaffer Chimere Smith goes by the nom de plume Ne-Yo, an American vocalist blamed for being a chronic miscreant by his better half, Crystal Smith over Instagram. Fans over Twitter are spreading tales that he likewise undermined Monyetta Shaw while they were seeing someone.

On Sunday, Crystal Smith distributed upsetting allegations against her better half on Instagram. She said the vocalist went behind her back with a few unprotected ladies offering their bodies to him.

Half a month after the pair had recharged their promises in April during a pretentious red-themed function in Las Vegas, she unfortunately reported her partition from him in an Instagram post.

She said she had parted ways with him and was presently focusing on her joy, wellbeing, and children. All of them. She is appalled and sorrowful, and that isn’t putting it mildly. She remarked that this marriage gave her three wonderful youngsters however nothing else except for wasted years and grief.

Neyo’s Relationship Timeline Details Beginning around 2016, Ne-Yo has been marry to Crystal Smith (Renay). They met in 2015. Shaffer Chimere (born in 2016) and Roman Alexander-Raj are their two youngsters (born in 2018). Furthermore, Ne-Yo has two children from his association with Monyetta Shaw.

Shaffer Chimere Smith, better realized by his stage name Ne-Yo, marry without precedent for February 2016; by and by, Ne-Yo petitioned for legal separation in March 2020, which Renay professed to have learned about on the web.

The Platinum Life star and the Grammy champ accommodated while they were in isolation as a result of the COVID-19 flare-up, the Grammy victor said when he pulled out the application.

She beseeched her devotees and allies to stop giving proof of her better half’s disloyalty since she was not generally irritated.

What number of Kids Does Neyo Have? Ne-Yo has a sum of five children. Before Crystal, the vocalist was hitched to Monyetta Shaw, with whom she had two kids: child Mason, 10, and little girl Madilyn, 11.

Several’s three beautiful kids incorporate children Shaffer Jr., 6, and Roman, 3, and girl Isabella, whom they as of late invited subsequent to accommodating.

While chipping away at his collection Non-Fiction in 2015, Ne-Yo met Crystal Renay. The experience began as straightforward in the vocalist’s record, and arrangements were made to film a short film for the record. Yet, after the gathering, the two of them began dating for quite a long time.