DeMario Jackson Says Sexual Assault Lawsuit Cost Him Deals

DeMario Jackson, a previous “Lone ranger in Heaven” hopeful, claims he lost six figures in brand bargains after assault charges against him.

Presently he needs his trustworthiness reestablished. Because of his rape claim, he lost ten arrangements worth $25,000 with brands he worked with for a really long time.

Because of another rape report, DeMario says it “sucks.” Subsequent to connecting with Corinne Olympios in a pool in 2017, he lost his job in “Unhitched male in Heaven.”

From that point forward, he professes to have endured difficulties. As DeMario portrays it, he feels like it is a similar bad dream he encountered in 2017.

Also, he expressed that he frequently experiences sleep deprivation and feels caught comfortable.

As per reports, two ladies recorded claims against DeMario on Tuesday. Apparently they went on dates with him and enjoyed non-consensual sexual demonstrations by DeMario.

The previous the truth star’s legal counselor, Walter Mosley Jr., guarantees the LAPD examined the occurrence, however no crook allegations were brought against DeMario.

Accordingly, he accepts that DeMario has proof that will assist with clearing him in court.

As per DeMario, he kept a decent relationship over the long haul with his informers.

Evidently, the informers even intended to meet the day after they detailed the occurrence to the police.

Regardless, his lawyer sees the suit as endeavoring to coerce his cash.

While DeMario’s online entertainment accounts incorporate various posts with respect to paid organizations, the brand names stay mysterious.

As per him, his normal everyday employment in staffing and enrollment is presently in risk.