David Matusiewicz Daughters: Where Are They Now?

The New Castle County town hall in Delaware was the location of a shooting that occurred in February of 2013. The occurrence brought about the passings of three individuals.

Prior to directing the firearm back toward himself, Thomas Matusiewicz killed his ex-girl in-regulation Christine Belford and her companion Laura Mulford. He then, at that point, ended his own life as revealed by cinemaholic.com.


Because of this horrible occasion, Christine’s four girls are growing up without their sustaining mother.

David Matusiewicz Daughters: Where Are They Now? The year 2001 marked the start of Christine and David Matusiewicz’s marriage, and from that point forward, several has been honored with three little girls.

2002 was the year that Laura was born; 2003 was the year that Leigh was born, and 2005 was the year that Karen was born.

The house in Middletown, Delaware, was somewhat huge and contained four rooms; all of the relatives lived there together. At the point when Christine and David chose to end their marriage roughly a year after their third girl, Karen, was born, they were conceded joint guardianship of every one of the three of their children.

Concerning Laura, Leigh, and Karen, the young ladies were given over to the consideration of the state following the death of their mom and the ensuing detainment of their dad. No one knows without a doubt where they are right now.

Christine’s girl, from a past marriage, is as yet dwelling in Delaware, and Christine has elevated requirements that she can some time or another meet her sisters. Katherine is as of now a youthful grown-up.

David Matusiewicz Family And Murder Case On the morning of February 11, 2013, David and his dad, Thomas Matusiewicz, headed to a lodging parking structure close to the New Castle County Courthouse in a Honda CRV.

It contained ammo, a blade with a military-style plan, three arrangements of limitations of continuously more modest sizes, a tactical armor, an electric shock gadget, optics, and photos of Christine Belford’s youngsters and occupants.

In the wake of entering the hall of the town hall at around 7:30 a.m., David Matusiewicz went directly to the security screening line, where he stayed until the end of the time. In the mean time, Thomas walked around the entryway, occasionally coming dependent upon him and addressing him.

David went past the screening at the town hall security designated spot a couple of moments before 8:00 in the first part of the day, and afterward he continued to move to one more floor of the structure. Christine Belford entered the lobby of the town hall when Thomas started shooting at her and shot her multiple occasions, at last bringing about her demise.

David Matusiewicz Arrest Christine’s passing was ascribed to the activities of David, his mom Lenore, and David’s sister Amy, who were completely energized with cyberstalking regarding the episode.

There were claims made by individuals from the Matusiewicz family that Christine was physically attacking her oldest little girl.

Laura, who was 13 at that point, affirmed against them during the procedure. She said that Christine had never manhandled her and that she was a brilliant mother. She likewise applauded Christine’s nurturing abilities.

Eventually, David, Lenore, and Amy were each given a sentence of life in prison without the chance of parole.

Upon the arrival of the occurrence, the youngsters were taken out from their place of instruction because of worries voiced by the specialists with respect to their prosperity.

Katherine saw her stepsisters interestingly at the police headquarters, yet she never envisioned that it would be the last time she would see them.