Dave Chappelles Alleged Attacker Isaiah Lee Reveals Behind Tackling the Comedian

Isaiah Lee – – the man faulted for endeavoring to pursue Dave Chappelle during his farce set at the “Netflix is a Joke” festivity close to the start of May – – is finally rebelling against the reasons for his exercises. Lee furthermore states that he never expected to hurt the goof-ball as a matter of fact.

Lee, 23, chatted with The New York Post in a jail interview disseminated on Sunday and declared that he felt “set off” by the clown’s children about the LGBTQ+ social class and transients.


“I perceive as physically open … and I accepted him ought to understand what he said was setting off,” Lee, who is at present in care at the Twin Pinnacles Restorative Office in Los Angeles, told the dispersion. “I accepted him ought to understand that next time, he should consider first appearance his material to people it could impact.”

Lee cases that he has been down and out, and was as of now endeavoring to get very solid housing when the episode at the satire festivity occurred.

The fight was gotten on record, and Lee ought to be noticeable charging the comedian before an audience. Lee surrendered to passing a retractable cutting edge that was made on to seem as though a weapon, yet ensures he didn’t have it out when he went before an audience and wanted to use it on Chappelle.

“I’m furthermore a solitary parent and my kid is five,” Lee told The New York Post, adding that people who live without housing face “a fight” and “I accepted Dave Chappelle ought to know it’s everything except a joke.”

Chappelle has faced a great deal of examination over the past year for jokes he made as for the LGBTQ+ social class – – particularly in the trans-neighborhood. The joke craftsman and Netflix, which conveyed the debatable stand-up phenomenal, have both defied public contradiction and high-profile investigation.

Lee – – who is by and by standing up to four bad behavior counts beginning from the squabble – – declares that security at the event gave him two wounded eyes and broke his arm, and claims, “They spat on me and twisted me like deliberately.”

Following his catch, Lee was then faulted for evidently endeavoring to cut his flatmate last year, and is presently defying a charge of tried murder. The setback probably recognized Lee as his aggressor after the recording of the Chappelle battle transformed into a web sensation.