Dateline Explores Shannon Melendi Murder: Where Is Killer Butch Hinton Today?

Examiner Dennis Murphy will portray the terrible vanishing and murder of Emory University understudy Shannon Melendi on Friday’s episode of NBC Dateline. Melendi, brought and born up in Miami, Florida, disappeared in Atlanta on March 26, 1994.

Despite the fact that Butch Hinton was given a lifelong incarceration for killing Shannon, the Melendis are as yet battling for her 28 years after the fact.

Prior to admitting to the terrible realities in 2005, he mercilessly attacked, killed, and consumed the 19-year-elderly person.

Look at a few terrible insights concerning Shannon’s vanishing and murder before the episode.

Dateline Explores Shannon Melendi Murder: Disappeared After A Softball Game  A forthcoming release of NBC Dateline will zero in on the frightening story of Shannon Melendi, a 19-year-old softball scorekeeper who disappeared after a game.

The next day, her auto was found at a gas station with the keys inside. Shannon’s body has not yet been found, and she would at absolutely no point ever see her family or companions in the future.

Plus, Colvin “Butch” Hinton III is notable for being a sentenced criminal who killed Shannon Melendi.

Per WKYC, he was an umpire at the softball match-up where Melendi was keeping track of who’s winning at that point, yet it took police a decade to indict him for the homicide.

Following a unidentified call from a telephone corner, where they found Melendi’s rings enclosed by tape inside a pack, they had the option to connect Hinton to the case.

Where Could Killer Butch Hinton Today be? Per the authority records, Hinton, presently 61, is serving a daily existence term at the Hays State Prison in Chattooga County, Georgia.

As per a news explanation, Georgia regulation made Hinton qualified for parole seven years after his conviction in 2005. Nonetheless, the solicitation was turned down in 2012. He was denied parole in 2020; his next parole hearing will be in February 2025.

“Say thanks to God and the parole board. What’s more, thank you to every individual who has helped us all through this endless fight,” Yvonne and Luis Melendi, Melendi’s folks, supposedly expressed at that point, per WKYC.

Her sister, Monique Melendi, proceeded, “We are so exceptionally appreciative for the help from society for helping us to keep on battling for equity for Shannon.”

Alternately, Hinton lost his requests subsequent to being all viewed as blameworthy in 2005 and ultimately owned up to the wrongdoing, telling ABC News that he likewise physically attacked the lady two times.

Shannon Melendi Parents And Family Now Since Georgia regulation at the time was not accessible for the punishment of life in jail without the chance of parole, Melendi’s family is fighting to put Hinton in a correctional facility everlastingly by coordinating efforts and request drives, the site revealed.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a U.S. representative, helped Melendi’s family in 2011 with a request push to deny Hinton’s delivery, which brought about 77,000 marks, as per the Miami Herald.

Luis Melendi, the dad of Shannon Melendi, expressed that regardless of realizing that Hinton murdered his little girl, he doesn’t trust the assertion.

He told ABC News, “He is a more expert criminal than the police are an expert police officer.” “He killed her and set her body burning in the terrace? Police looked through the area however couldn’t find my girl. I don’t feel that. I don’t really accept that that as I stay here.”