Daphne Joy Addresses 50 Cent Comment On Relationship With Diddy

Daphne Happiness is answering 50 Penny, who fathers her child, Sire, after he called her out for being seen with his chief adversary Diddy.

On Monday, 50 Penny composed a rough explanation where he unveiled that he was advising his child to be careful with ladies who act like his mom.


“Gracious sh**, that is your mom around there with Puffy. Haha,” 50 Penny wrote in the subtitle. “Recall everything that I said to you a day or two ago, these b***he’s be insane. SMH.”

Daphne Happiness, who has been connected to Diddy for a really long time and is thought to be in an open relationship with him, gave two reactions to the rapper’s savaging.

“If it’s not too much trouble, quit doing this to me. I never annoy you and I’m an extraordinary mother to our child.

Can we if it’s not too much trouble, simply center around that. Please,” she wrote in the remarks area.

50 Penny’s post came after Daphne was supporting Diddy for his iHeartRadio Live concert execution on Saturday.

Despite the fact that he didn’t say it, the status gave the feeling that he was irritated. Daphne later put out a lengthier announcement tending to 50 Penny.

“Despite the fact that my youngster’s dad and I headed out in different directions, I moved my emphasis on my child’s prosperity inwardly, profoundly, and in the middle between,” Delight said in the explanation shared on Instagram.

“I’ve mended secretly, developed, have been nearer to God than any time in recent memory, and truly valuing this life.”

While she didn’t tended to her reputed relationship with Diddy, Daphne Euphoria clarified that she wasn’t doing anything off-base and simply need to zero in on her child and her satisfaction.

“I’m so fed up with guarding my personality, being prejudged, and continually being slandered. I’m not doing anything wrong I wish no evil to anybody.

I simply need to be content. Much thanks to you, and God favor,” she composed. 50 Penny’s post is in opposition to his remarks last year after Diddy and Daphne were first connected in photographs together, where he said he wasn’t annoyed by any lady the Terrible Kid Chief dated.

“Nah me and puff battle about business sh**. In the event that he like the young lady, he like the young lady I don’t give a f***,” Fifty said.

50 Penny has not answered Daphne. The rapper is known for his savaging ways, however this would be the second time he has tore down the mother of his youngsters.

Many fans via virtual entertainment brought up that 50 doesn’t have a relationship with his oldest child Marquis as he has likewise criticized his child’s mom to the youngster.

Both the youngster and mother allegedly have no association with 50 Penny.