“Cook well” – Actress Etinosa tells her partner’s sidechic planning to come-over for the weekend

Etinosa Idemudia, a Nollywood entertainer, reported on Instagram that her accomplice’s companion was coming over for the end of the week.

The entertainer kept a directive for her accomplice’s companion in which she trained her on what to plan and how to do as such.


The entertainer mentioned explicitly that her accomplice’s companion make jollof rice as opposed to the broiled rice she had recently made. She likewise encouraged her to heat up a big pot of soup that would keep going for a really long time since she despises cooking. Entertainer Etinosa Idemudia dispatches live ability show on Instagram

Etinosa said: “On the off chance that na u be the young lady wey wan go my man house this end of the week go cook attempt cook jollof rice, me no too like seared rice… present bounty pepper, attempt use goat meat… the last opportunity wey you come e resemble say na honey bee you use, me no too like beef..make the food sweet o… assuming you actually get little energy attempt do ogbono attempt do am bounty since me no excessively prefer to dey cook.. you attempt our significant other, spouse material”.

Back lately, Kemi Filani news uncovered that Etinosa Idemudia wasn’t permitting her associates to benefit from the death of the late entertainer Ada Ameh.

The spunky sovereign, who makes sure to out at individual specialists, chastised Warri Pikin for recording her sympathy visit to the departed.

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Famous people went to the sympathy register that Empress Njamah, the late entertainer Ada Ameh’s closest companion, had set up in Abuja for the late entertainer.

One of the welcomed big names, Warri Pikin, recorded a video of her visit.

Warripikin requested her own helper to take notes about her entry to the occasion and any ensuing movement.

Etinosa denounced her on her Instagram account subsequent to becoming rankled by her choice to tape the shocking occasion.

She asserted that Warri Pikin could never have advised her PA to hold the camera and record her activities on the off chance that she had genuinely been moved and wasn’t doing it for consideration.

She went on by saying that the comic had the guts to alter it and even add a music.