Connerjack Oswalt Missing – Is He Found?

Connerjack Oswalt is a California teenager who has been found out after being missing for three years. Police located him in Park City, Utah, this week. His family filed a missing person report about him in September 2019. Oswalt was 16 years old when he left his home.

In 2014, Oswalt was diagnosed with autism. He had also left his home before his disappearance in September 2019. He had earlier left his home in the May month of the same year. He left home because his mother took away his phone. He only took his cat with him while fleeing from his home.

On September 28, 2019, Oswalt fled his home again. He remained classified as a missing person until this week. Over recent weeks, many people reported to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office about a man pushing a shopping cart in Summit Park. The latest report to the police reported Oswalt sleeping outside a convenience store nearby a gas station. 

Police approached Oswalt at the front of the store and offered him a place in their car to help him warm himself. He refused to reveal his name to police officers but let them scan his fingerprints. His fingerprints helped police to identify him as Connerjack Oswalt.

Oswalt’s family is glad to reunite with their beloved family member. They tried their best to locate him. Oswalt’s family left California and moved to Idaho after he went missing. Police called Oswalt’s parents to identify his identity when they found him. Oswalt was sixteen when he disappeared; he is now nineteen years old.