Caste slur against Panchayat president: TN police on trail of panchayat secretary

Chennai, Sep 27 (IANS) The Tamil Nadu police are on a post for a panchayat secretary for supposedly utilizing a casteist slur against the panchayat president.

Both – – the complainant and the charged – – end up being ladies.

In light of an objection from the president, police have enlisted a case and are looking for the panchayat secretary and her better half alongside two others.

The occurrence occurred at Nanniyur panchayat in Karur region of Tamil Nadu when the panchayat president, M. Sudha (31) documented a grumbling with the nearby police that she was oppressed on position premise by the panchayat secretary and individual ward individuals.

Sudha, who is an individual from the DMK in her protest enrolled with the Vangal police on September 22, expressed that the panchayat secretary Nalini and her significant other Murthy and previous leader of the panchayat, Kumarasamy, and another individual panchayat part had offended her utilizing casteist slurs.

She said that Kumarasamy was an individual DMK part and added that Nallusamy, another ward part who is from AIADMK likewise had offended her utilizing harmful position slurs.

The Vangal police enlisted a case and initiated an examination.

In any case, Nalini, her better half Moorthy, Kumarasamy, and Nallausamy were fleeing and the police are following them.

The Karur region gatherer, Dr. T. Prabhushanker has previously requested Nalini’s suspension.