Camille Vasquez bashed over remarks on Amber Heard’s testimony in new documentary

Camille Vasquez tore over her remarks on Brilliant Heard’s announcement as she said that Johnny Depp was unnecessarily failed or high to have pursued her in new story Johnny versus Brilliant: The US Primer.

The Privateers of the Caribbean performer’s legal counselor analyzed the Aquaman star’s announcement saying, “That is one piece of the case I’ve will not at any point understand.”

“He’s either failed and high and unequipped for standing up, or he’s drunkard and high and all set after her, interest her, domain blows? It essentially doesn’t look at,” she added.

Vasquez’s remarks were genuinely investigated through internet based amusement for being “ignorant” and “phenomenon awkward.”

“What an obviously uncouth contention,” one client made on Reddit. “Very typical for people are intoxicated or high to go after others.”

“If that she truly figures this, I would contemplate how someone like her was good for graduating graduate school,” the remark moreover read.

“Exceptional work Camille, consistently keeping it up with the setback blaming as you do,” one more created.

The legitimate guide’s remarks were also discussed on Twitter as one expressed, “Imagine being this careless. She’s clearly been regarded with never being around an addict. This affirmation is past ludicrous.”

“I truly scorn Camille Vasquez considering how all of her shields enveloping [domestic violence] and [intimate assistant violence] start from speculations and setback denouncing colloquialisms,” one more tweeted.

“Nobody would treat her in a serious manner if her goal wasn’t Brilliant, she is really shocking at her specific work,” it further added.