Busy Philipps’ Child Birdie Channels Claire Foy in ‘The Crown’ for Halloween — See the Photo!

Occupied Philipps’ most established kid brought their A-game this Halloween.

The Girls5Eva actress, 43, flaunted her 14-year-old kid’s Halloween ensemble on Instagram Monday, where Birdie dressed as Claire Foy portraying youthful Sovereign Elizabeth II in The Crown.


“Look. All I’m saying is that to make a show about the making of The Crown, Birdie would make a WONDERFUL Claire Foy,” the mother of two captioned the wonderfully testy image of her youngster. Later on, Philipps got serious about how the outfit came together in posts shared on her Instagram Story.

“I awakened at 6:30 to do Birdie’s hair and spray it brown, which is peculiarly harder than I naturally suspected it was going to be,” she shared. “I think Birdie looked so great.”

As for her more youthful kid, Cricket Pearl, 9, Philipps said she “had ensemble panic” getting ready that morning.

“We didn’t get a decent picture because she was like, ‘I can’t go to school in my outfit,’” she explained, rolling her eyes as she noted, “However at that point she did, so.”

Philipps also revealed that all the bits of Birdie’s outfit were purchased online. “The dress is a vintage dress from Etsy.

I just took measurements,” she noted, stressing the importance of measurements while buying vintage.

“The crown is from a bridal shop on Etsy and yes it was a crown that Diana wore yet it was also, when the Sovereign was youthful she wore it as well. The sash I made,” she added.

Philipps also gave some more background on Cricket’s outfit. “Cricket is Dwight Schrute from The Office, her ensemble is amazing,” the pleased mother shared.

I purchased a young men suit from sears and [ex Marc Silverstein] found a yellow shirt, a mustard shirt.”

Speaking with Individuals last year in partnership with Oui by Yoplait and Essie, in celebration of International Taking care of oneself Day, the mother — who also kidded on Instagram that her outfit was being an “exhausted woman” — shared how she’s teaching her children about taking care of oneself.

“We do various types of things. At times my daily bath turns into a crazy situation in my bathroom.

The entryway is open and my children come in, plunk down and talk to me. It’s kind of tomfoolery,” she shared.

“There’s a part of me that could lament that I don’t get simply ‘alone time’. However, I have to say, I also am very much aware that my children are getting more seasoned and the amount of time that they want to enjoy with me is getting more limited and more limited. So I will take it wherever I can get it. At times, my children have their own ideas about the thing is that they want to do.”