Buffalo Bills Coach Ken Dorsey Smashes Headset and Tablet After Loss to Dolphins

Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey clearly wasn’t happy with his team’s performance in the waning snapshots of their 21-19 misfortune to the Miami Dolphins.

On Sunday, the Bills’ last-minute comeback attempt against division rival Miami — aided by a bizarre play known only as the butt dropkick — faltered as quarterback Josh Allen and the offense failed to spike the ball and prevent the clock from running out so they could attempt to kick a field goal to win the game.


Buffalo wide beneficiary Isaiah McKenzie was managed down around Miami’s 41-yard line with only nine seconds to go in Sunday’s game, and the Bills’ offensive unit failed to get into formation on schedule to stop the clock and give kicker Tyler Bass a game-winning an open door.

Dorsey, responsible for play-calling and game management as the team’s offensive coordinator, reacted aggressively to the missed an open door and was momentarily caught on camera smashing his headset, notes and tablet as the game finished.

A person off-camera appeared to obstruct the camera from viewing Dorsey and other Bills coaches after CBS captured the initial seven seconds of his reaction to the misfortune, which dropped Buffalo to a 2-1 record for the season and placed the team in second place in the AFC East, behind division rival and 3-0 Miami.

The dramatic finish to the Bills-Dolphins game Sunday was gone before by a strange play in which Dolphins punter Thomas Morstead attempted to dropkick the ball from within Miami’s own end zone to safeguard a late four-point lead over the Bills and instead immediately hit Miami wide collector Trent Sherfield’s rear end with the ball.

The ball deflected away from Sherfield’s backside, traveling back out of the end zone and was governed a safety, granting the Bills two points and the ball back on the ensuing kickoff with approximately one minute and 32 seconds remaining in the final quarter.

The play, which immediately attracted comparisons to the infamous 2012 butt bungle by then-New York Planes quarterback Mark Sanchez, allowed Buffalo the chance to grab a dig out from a deficit win on the road and prompted Dorsey’s explosion above the field as time ran out.

While it was unclear exactly what about the play upset Dorsey enough to smash his league-issued tablet, Dorsey and Bills quarterback Josh Allen notably kidded during a pre-season question and answer session that Dorsey would move from coaching from the sidelines into a stall above the field in request to avoid getting penalties because of his “red hot” personality, according to the New York Post.
“I like to think I’m not an over the top psychopath,” Dorsey told columnists at the time, according to the Post. “It probably wouldn’t damage to be up in the crate in that regard.”

The Bills and Dolphins are planned to meet again in Buffalo for Week 15 of the NFL’s regular season in December.