Brittany Snow And Tyler Stanaland Separate After 2 Years Of Marriage

Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland are confining. The pair, who began dating in 2018 and got the pack in 2020, took to Instagram on Wednesday to pronounce their separation with vague posts.

Snow and Stanaland had a comparable photo of themselves sitting on the metro in New York City, with the 36-year-old performer’s head laying on his shoulder.

“After time and thought, Tyler and I have gone with the hard choice to disengage,” Snow formed. “This decision was made with friendship and shared respect for one another. We have recognized we need to take a couple of time and guarantee we are each encountering our most fulfilling and legitimate lives.”

“We started this outing as dearest friends and our relationship will continue to be indispensable, taking everything into account as well concerning our canine Charlie,” she added. “We genuinely esteem your assistance and solicitation security as we investigate this new segment.”

Meanwhile, a source tells ET that Snow and Stanaland have “split and are finished living individually.”

The news comes after Stanaland, 33, stood apart as genuinely newsworthy for his including position on Netflix’s Auctioning Nightfall spin-off, Selling the OC. Before the time debut, Stanaland made sense of for ET why the right on track star wouldn’t appear on the series.

“She’s solid,” he said of Snow. “I have what looks at in my calling, and she has what seems, by all accounts, to be genuine in her occupation, and kind of whatever is best we do and we support, and I feel that makes our relationship productive.”

After the series’ presentation, banter spun around Stanaland when, during a night making the rounds, his co-star, Kayla Cardona, endeavored to kiss him. While the second wasn’t gotten on camera, it sent shockwaves through the working environment.

The pair wiped out any disarray on the show, and Stanaland kept an eye on the situation on the Truth Existence with Kate Casey computerized recording a month prior.

“One night, Kayla endeavored to kiss me. Also, a while later it happened another night as well, hence, on the show, remembering her, I’m just kind of endeavoring to restrict it and brush past it so there isn’t performance,” Stanaland got a handle on. “We can all accentuation on what we should do.”

“However, that was something where I expected to kind of set a couple of hard lines and a couple of cutoff points and reconsider the social environment a piece,” he continued. “Nothing happened. It was essentially… something that, you know, you don’t do to somebody who is hitched.”

Concerning if the onscreen banter influenced Stanaland and Snow’s relationship, ET’s source says, “A lot of their issues as a group has to do with Selling the OC and the performance that intricate Tyler that spread out on the show.”