British national anthem will now change from God bless the Queen to God bless the King- Prof Adeniyi

In a meeting with Arise News, Professor Abiodun Adeniyi, an Arise News examiner, said in a meeting that the British public hymn will presently change from God favor the Queen to God favor the King.

He offered the expression while talking about the late Queen Elizabeth, who died on Thursday, and the British government’s training.

Teacher Abiodun started by saying that very awful Queen Elizabeth needs to go. He said it is lamentable not only for Britain, and for the Commonwealth, however for the whole world in view of what she addresses as a harmony developer, agreement manufacturer, ruler of notoriety, and numerous different things she addresses.

Teacher Abiodun said that going ahead once more, we are eager that her child, Prince Charles, is probably going to go on from where she paused and will likewise attempt to support the inheritance the extraordinary sovereign left.

Teacher Abiodun then brought up that the government is still extremely critical in the custom of that nation, despite the fact that there is a contention in scholarly circles that the government is somewhat obsolete in the 21st hundred years.

He said it will require investment for the country to change on the grounds that the government is still extremely huge, even in their public song of praise, which is God favor the Queen, which is currently going to change to God favor the King.