Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey To Be Wicked’s Fiyero

We’ve known for quite a while that Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo are highlighting in Jon M. Chu’s forceful (and two-segment) variety of stage melodic Monstrous.

A significant new piece of the conundrum has been found, as Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey will play Fiyero.

Malevolent, if you weren’t by then careful, was at first drawn from Gregory Maguire’s novel, which recaps the untold story of Galinda and Elphaba, the witches from The Wizard Of Oz.

The film drops through the stage creation’s book writer Winnie Holzman and Establishment Award winning writer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz.

Erivo’s Elphaba is the energetic witch who will continue to transform into the famous Underhanded Witch of the West, yet who is really misconstrued.

Grande, meanwhile, plays the forceful, notable Glinda (changing her name fairly).

Fiyero is the Colossal Man Close by, a bad-to-the-bone carouser who favors having a great time to thinking and gets associated with to Galinda.

Regardless, his genuine expressions of warmth for Elphaba surface and he helps her with staying away from, wrapping up got by the Wizard’s guards, and tortured.

A spell Elphaba ventures to endeavor to save him taking everything into account — watch out! — transforms him into the scarecrow. Chu took to twitter to avow Bailey’s anticipating…

The two bits of Evil are at present wanted to land in films for Christmas 2024 and following a year in 2025.