Bono Reveals He Once Woke Up in White House Lincoln Bedroom After Dinner and Drinks with Barack Obama

Bono is reviewing a night in with previous president Barack Obama at 1600 Pennsylvania Road.

The Irish rocker, 62, examines an essential visit to the White House during Obama’s administration in his new journal, Give up: 40 Melodies, One Story, which was delivered Tuesday.

As per Bono, his aversion to salicylic corrosive — which is tracked down in wine, among different food sources and over-the-counter professionally prescribed meds — made him nod off after he and his significant other, Ali Hewson, imparted beverages to the 44th Leader of the US.

While Obama had mixed drinks, Bono said, the U2 frontman had a glass of wine — “Or was it two?” he composed — with his dinner.

Since salicylates are found in wine, he made sense of that the impacts of the prejudice immediately hit him. He expressed: “As I began to nod off, I pardoned myself, and what occurred next is somewhat foggy, at the same time, as per Ali, it required around ten minutes before the go-to person for every freedom loving person asked her, ‘Bono’s been gone for a spell.

Is he alright?’ “As per Bono, his better half continued to let Obama know that there was compelling reason need to stress, however the then still up in the air to track down him.

After Obama recalled that Bono got some information about the Gettysburg Address, they started looking for him in the Lincoln room.

In Give up: 40 Melodies, One Story, Bono expressed: “Great impulse. They strolled into the Lincoln Room, and I was right there, unconscious, head in the chest of Abraham Lincoln, on his actual bed. ‘Nodding off in the solace of our opportunities,’ as I turned it subsequently.” The lyricist kidded that Obama “doesn’t briefly” accept he has a salicylate bigotry.

He stated: “He thinks Ali made this up to cover for me. He tells individuals he can drink me under the table. Refuse. Be that as it may, he makes major areas of strength for a.”

A delegate for Obama had no remark when reached by Individuals. Give up: 40 Tunes, One Story is accessible at this point.