Bola Tinubu Insists He Is 70 As New Revelation About His Past Emerges

The All Progressives Congress official competitor, Bola Tinubu, has pronounced that he is 70 years of age and a couple of months more seasoned than the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Bishop Matthew Kukah, who commended his 70th birthday celebration on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

While giving a discourse at Kukah’s birthday festivity, the official hopeful, Bola Tinubu expressed that he grasps the organization that he (Kukah) is building. He anyway said the two of them have a bigger obligation in building Nigeria.

Tinubu said, “You are building an establishment in the distinction of your 70, I am 70 too I may as yet contribute. I’m only months more established than you are.

Kemi FIlani reports that this is coming after famous Instagram blog, Gist Lover released some supposed data about the previous Lagos state Governor on Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

As per Gist Lover, Bola Tinubu was born March 29, 1935, and that implies he is 86 years of age not 70 as he guarantees.

Those days Lagos island ladies are the genuine article, so when he passed on Ibadan and went directly to Lagos island, there he met a lady who was then the lady head of the Awolowo Action bunch, an exceptionally rich and associated lady, she is Abibatu Mogaji, the lady talked with her seeing he is a thing picked interest in him, the lady took him in and he was functioning as the lady house help, he cleans the house and do easily overlooked details in the house, albeit the lady has house helps in the house yet she decides to simply put Amanda through some test, then the test started.

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He had Issued in the US, he was practically busted, he needed to run back to Nigeria for some time to disappear and during those periods he found a new line of work with an oil and gas organization as a concealment yet maintain his fundamental business under, it was after he ran back to Nigeria he met a wonderful woman called Balikis Oluremi odugbesan, this time around, Amoda isn’t serving any supervisor once more so he has decided he planned to settle down with a lady since he is attempting to hide out as well, he ought to utilize the period to rapidly wed a lady appropriately as he as of now has 3kids outside of a stable family structure, Remi sister did the presentation and all things worked out positively, their marriage created 3girls, Zainab Abisola tinubu, Habibat Tinubu and Olayinka Tinubu is the last Girl” Gist darling guaranteed.