‘Big Brother’: Daniel Durston Has Fans Raging After Bringing Taylor Hale To Tears With Screaming Tirade

Big Brother has had a long history of popular “wannabes” and players who are conspiring to the point that fans almost respect the very manner by which fierce they really are. Then, there are players that get fans to scorn them and root for their obliteration and useful removal just.

On Wednesday’s new episode of Big Brother Season 24, the by and large questionable Daniel Durston laid out his place as potentially of the most admonished houseguest in late memory.


Daniel has proactively faced a lot of examination for his treatment of Taylor Sound, and he even named her for removal in the fundamental week. He’s been focused on getting her out of the house, and has been working with Nicole Layog toward that goal.

On Wednesday, things arrived at a pivotal stage when Taylor – – who was joined with Nicole as a part of the show’s “Dearest friend Bend” – – endeavored to show an assistance to an up close and personal Nicole. Regardless, Nicole translated it as a dormant powerful attack (but no one else in the room seemed to hear it that way), and she taught Daniel concerning all that she thought Taylor was telling her.

In like manner, Daniel going nuts and confronted Taylor before many houseguests, hollering, “Don’t address me until the finale… the comparable s**t you did to Paloma, you’re doing to her. You can f**k right off.”

Taylor from the get go idea he was joking, but when clearly he wasn’t kidding she endeavored to chat with him in the family room, and Daniel blamed her for Paloma leaving the show as of late.

“No, stop. I will constantly recollect how you treated Paloma,” Daniel yelled. “You figure she didn’t contorting because of you? You didn’t add to that? Also, as of now you’re endeavoring to do it to Nicole, the cerebrum games?”

At this, Nicole was brought to tears. She endeavored to talk thing over with Nicole – – and even apologize for the confusion – – just to be energetically killed. To intensify what is happening, Nicole then purposely thrown the Denial Rivalry, under the conviction that it would provoke Taylor going up for evacuation.

Clearly, fans on Twitter – – who have been protecting Taylor against by far most of the entire house this whole season – – laid into Daniel in a serious way.

“Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog are the most ridiculously frightfully horrible more established kin houseguests I’ve anytime seen,” one client made, nearby a fasten of the detonate. “Their treatment of Taylor Robust has been so disgusting to notice.”

Daniel Durston and Nicole Layog are the most incredibly horrendous more seasoned kin houseguests I’ve anytime seen. Their therapy of Taylor Robust has been so nauseating to notice. #bb24pic.twitter.com/KIIxf5RVIp