BBNajia Season 7: Drama As Sheggz And Bella Fight Rachel Over Food

Following a fierce trade among them and Biggie’s rider Rachel over food, Bella and Sheggz has transformed into a minor trepidation for their kindred flat mates. The ladies responsible for the kitchen and cooking are Rachel, Chichi, and Phyna, and they follow a turning plan.

Rachel served rice for the family and caused problems for serving Bella chicken, which the woman could have done without, when her chance on the rundown came up hours prior. Sheggz, Bella’s sweetheart, ejected quickly when Bella requested hamburger.

Concerning way Bella’s food was served, Sheggz marked Rachel absurd. He guessed that Rachel definitely understood what Bella, his better half, preferred however when she traded words with him, Rachel let it all out, and they at last went to analysis of his family and ancestry.

The food spilled as she endeavored to return the food Rachel had given her, causing devastation in the home. Sheggz committed to manage Rachel in the event that she neglected to apologize to him.