BBNaija’s Tega Dominic makes U-turn, issues out a PSA over Phyna’s loud behavior

Big Brother Naija’s Shine ya eyes’ housemate, Tega Dominic has given a public help declaration following reaction for censuring Phyna’s clearly conduct.

Kemi Filani news revealed that Tega Dominic who doesn’t appear to seriously love their ongoing housemate, Phyna had ripped into her.

The truth star who stood out as truly newsworthy after she got close with her co-housemate, Boma communicated her disappointment over Phyna.

During a meeting with Glitch Africa Studios, Tega depicted Phyna as a noisy individual.

Tega expressed that she would have requested a deliberate exit on the off chance that she was in the house with Phyna.

As far as she might be concerned, Phyna was annoyingly clearly and that obscures her point of view of her.

Notwithstanding, she agreed that the truth star is by all accounts a sweet young lady.

Accounting for herself, Tega sent a PSA to Phyna’s fans.

She uncovered that she has been receiving a great deal of disgusting messages from her fans over her perspective.

Tega expressed that she has never cut anybody down. As indicated by her, her assessment of Phyna didn’t come from disdain.

Reclaiming her words, Tega expressed that what she implied by “annoyingly” was that she generally made commotion when individuals were resting, which isn’t ameliorating.

“Dear devotees of Phyna, I have perused the remarks on a few stages, and honestly, I have been snickering. Notwithstanding, a few words were really surprising to peruse. I had been exhorted not to make this piece, but rather frankly, I really want to establish a few focuses straight.

I have seen a remark and even DMS of individuals saying I am a lady, and I am expressing garbage to cut one more lady down. Kindly get this straight, for my entire life, have never offered overly critical expressions to my companions or anybody, even the individuals who have transformed me into Enemies. I have never brought anybody down to hoist me or raise another, my assertions concerning Phyna weren’t from the mark of disdain; I make sense of this now for individuals who decided without watching the full video.

I said, “Phyna is ‘annoyingly’ clearly”. The words ‘annoyingly’ sounds wrong to a many individuals and I take it back, what I implied was her shouts once in a while are superfluously particularly when it’s finished in the house when individuals are resting and no action, and as far as I might be concerned, it isn’t consoling. This doesn’t communicate that I could do without her; I altogether expressed her characteristics before I offered that expression. Furthermore, indeed, I would’ve requested a willful exit since it’s a trigger for me, and I would have zero desire to be in anybody’s manner in light of a game. Certain individuals say Whitemoney was clearly; for what reason didn’t I leave? I’ll you why.

White Money was never clearly in the house, and he would agree “who dey” at gatherings or when we won something, he was rarely clearly. That is the reason I said in the event that we at any point had a noisy character, I would request the willful exit since that sets off my tension.

Individuals have various triggers, and that is people; assuming I portrayed anybody boisterous, it would be Saga, however it was his giggling, and that is infectious. He can make you giggle in any event, when you would rather not, which is something to be thankful for, very much like gidifaya”.