BBNaija Season 7: What I Will Do If My Parents Query Me About My Salacious Moment With Khalid – Daniella

BB Daniella, an occupant of the Naija home, reviewed her provocative trade with Khalid.

Review that two days prior, Daniella and Khalid were seen having intercourse under the covers, which ignited shock via online entertainment.

Nonetheless, Daniella addressed how her folks would feel or act in the wake of watching the recording during a discussion she had with Khalid about their tricks.

Khalid, as far as it matters for him, bemoaned the house’s cameras. Daniella was likewise given somewhat prodding by him when he said that her folks would know that “she has started doing what ladies do.”

That’s what daniella guaranteed assuming they squeezed her about it, she would simply stay quiet.

Genuine name of Daniella is 22-year-old Daniella Utangbe Peters is from Obudu in the Cross River State.

Daniella is a notable, fiery, and splendid star who has influenced the diversion business.