BBNaija S7: Biggie Replies Daniella After She Requested A Grape In Her Diary Session

A couple of hours prior, Daniella was called by Big Brother for her journal meeting, where Biggie asked him a few inquiries. Daniella talked about the two housemates she assigned and the justification for choosing them.

Daniella said she selected Chichi since she is altogether too extra and needs harmony until the end of the show. Then again, she considers Hermes to be major areas of strength for a, thus the justification for naming him.

Big Brother inquired as to whether she had anything more to tell her before her journal meeting finished, and she mentioned a grape.

The following is the manner by which the discussion went:

Biggie: “Is there something else you might want to tell Big Brother?”

Daniella: “Big brother, might you at any point give me grapes?”

Biggie: “Grapes Allysyn, once in a while differentiating among you is troublesome. You could get grapes on Sunday on the off chance that you win your bet task. Your journal meeting is finished.

You can click HERE to watch the video.

As indicated by Biggie, Allysyn additionally mentioned exactly the same thing as Daniella, and this caused him to presume that the two housemates were something similar.

Be that as it may, the bet undertaking will be played out this week, and on the off chance that she will win the errand, she may be gifted a few grapes as guaranteed by Big Brother.