BBN Kiddwaya Reacts After He Was Criticized For His Reaction To His Girlfriend’s New Dress

Big Brother Naija reality star, Kiddwaya has responded to reactions about his response to his sweetheart’s new dress.

Beforehand, Kidd’s sweetheart had recorded his irregular response to her new dress without him knowing.

Like the recent fad on Tiktok, she shared the video there and it ignited reactions from watchers.

These responses condemned Kiddwaya’s response as casual and uninterested, and they encouraged her to let him be.

Responding to this, Kiddwaya took to his authority Twitter handle to share a video where he noticed that he accepts ladies are surely the foes of different ladies.

He didn’t exactly comprehend the reason why ladies would maintain that their kindred ladies should leave the men they wanted to be desolate and troubled essentially on the grounds that they didn’t squeeze into their own guidelines.

He then continued to in a roundabout way respond to the savages by refering to a similar situation of what unfolded among himself and his sweetheart on the Tiktok video, however utilizing a “companion” as himself.

He made sense of that he went through the remark segment and saw different irritating remarks that ready “his companion” in a terrible light and urged the sweetheart to leave the relationship.

Kiddwaya expressed that he is a lot of persuaded that ladies are the issue of different ladies, and it is miserable.

He subtitled his response video with, “Females are the cause all their own problems”.