Barry Jenkins’ Mufasa: The Lion King Unveiled At D23

For quite a while by and by, we’ve known that Barry Jenkins – the Oscar-winning head of Twilight, in the unlikely event that Beale Road Could Talk, and The Underground Railroad – was managing a Lion Lord film at Disney. Also, remembering that things have been fairly quiet on that front for quite a while, the boss jumped up at Disney’s D23 Exhibition to uncover to some degree a greater amount of what he’s been truly pursuing.

Most extraordinarily, it was uncovered that Jenkins’ film is named Mufasa: The Lion Lord. It’s a prequel history for the ostensible lion – and it’s coming to films in 2024. “This is a story about how Mufasa rose to greatness.

He was imagined an abandoned juvenile, and in this film we get to research his trip into the circle of life,” figured out Jenkins before an audience. What’s more, remembering that it could seem like a left-turn for the maker, there is something singular in here for him. “Mufasa is the kind of individual he is a consequence of people he has around him, and I saw that in myself,” he said. Similarly with Jon Favreau’s 2019 re-try, this one will be vivified in a photorealistic style – with film circling in the room that showed a tantamount look and feel to Favreau’s film.

In case Jenkins can pull off something even a section as novel as his other work, we could be in for an unthinkable Disney commendable. That is the circle of life.