Bang Chan Has Been The Youngest K-pop Star To Reach The Top 10 On The KOMCA

Bang Chan, the head of Stray Children, has turned into the most youthful K-pop star to arrive at the Main 10 on the KOMCA (Korean Music Copyright Affiliation) list. This is because of the symbol’s adaptability.

He can rap, sing, dance, produce, compose, and make music. He’ll turn 25 in a couple of days, however as per September 19 KOMCA measurements, he’s as of now composed 137 melodies. With the arrival of Prime (Road Man Warrior Vol. 4 Dance Group OST) on September 20, another tune has been added to the songwriting inventory of Bang Chan, Changbin, and HAN’s (3RACHA). This brings the pioneer’s complete melody credits to 138, coordinating him for eighth spot with BAP’s Yongguk.

In any case, at only 24 years of age, he is the most youthful K-pop star to achieve this surprising record. RAVI, RM of BTS, PSY, G-Mythical serpent, and Zico are among different symbols in the main ten.

Besides the fact that the God’s Menu organizer is the most youthful, yet he is likewise the main fourth-age K-pop star on the KOMCA list. Changbin and HAN, his kindred 3RACHA individuals, are presently positioned seventeenth and eighteenth with 122 and 119 tracks, separately (which will be +1 each in the event that Prime’s delivery is included the following positioning).

Bang Chan’s prosperity is praised by the STAY fans. Following seven years as a student, Bang Chan, the pioneer accused of picking his individuals to make a big appearance with, is presently the most youthful K-pop symbol and the main fourth-age icon to rank in the best ten of the KOMCA credits list.

Fans on Twitter are excited, as the most current update on the KOMCA site shows the Wanderer Children pioneer in tenth spot. This speculation is affirmed by Prime, a piece 3RACHA distributed for Road Man Contender daily back. Bang Chan has 138 structure credits, including melodies from the gathering’s next collection MAXIDENT and Prime.

Fans invited this accomplishment on Twitter by reviewing the troubles Bang Chan has looked since his introduction. They additionally praised the symbol for being the KOMCA’s most recognized fourth-age K-pop star.

Eminently, Changbin and HAN of Stray Children are the main fourth-age K-pop stars on the KOMCA top 20 rundown. PSY, G-Mythical serpent, BTS’ RM and SUGA, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, DAY6’s Young K, Feature’s Jun Hyung, and others share space with them.

The Insane person gathering’s discography incorporates 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, HAN). They are viewed as intriguing icons that make, form, and organize their own music. The gathering’s exemplary title tunes Hellevator, Secondary effects, MIROH, God’s Menu, Indirect access, and, most as of late, Loud and Insane person were made by the 3RACHA unit.

Stray Children has been in the K-pop business for four and a half years and has kept on dazzling. It will be intriguing to see whether the Wanderer Children pioneer can at any point break the main 5 on the KOMCA list.