Azealia Banks Claims Nicki Minaj Paying To Undermine Female Rappers

Azealia Banks is again going off on Nicki Minaj, whom she blamed for endeavoring to wreck one of her agreements, and that she is “destitute” and supposedly pays websites to make other rappers’ lives troublesome. Banks isn’t a companion or devotee of Minaj, and this wouldn’t be the main burning tirade coordinated at the Sovereigns rapper.

On Friday, Azalea posted a few Instagram Stories where she affirmed that the 39-year-old rapper had paid the two barkeeps that had sued Cardi B and she likewise blamed her for paying Tasha K to pursue Cardi while guaranteeing that she was penniless and owed many individuals.

“Envision how irritated @nickiminaj is to have paid 100k+ for them young ladies legal counselors, put them in a video with crackpot tekashi for them to just get $5,000 a pop.

Nicki needed cardi to get hit with a crime and have her identification surrendered so she could never again go beyond the country. Envision the salt on her edge when she pays Tasha k to lie and cardi wins a 4m compensation in court. Envision owing Rushka Bergman cash for styling you. Envision getting told no by @monotofficial then going out to buy it,” Azalea said.

Nicki Minaj has not answered the claims. She was as of late spotted wearing Monot Official for her “Affection In The Way” single with Bleu.

Azealia Banks additionally asserted that Nicki Minaj put her stylist, apparently Self-important Tae, on retainer however at that point requested that he work free of charge.

“Envision being desirous to the point that you put your beautician on retainer, letting him know he can never again work with long-lasting companions, just to pivot and request that he work for nothing since ur cash is f**ked up an every one of the thorns and web journals you pay to attempt to make female rappers lives troublesome,” she said.

“Nicki Minaj is Destitute like, Broke. Defrauding creation organizations for personal luxury planes and leased houses sort of broke,” Banks affirmed.

Banks additionally asserted that Minaj was turned down for other undertakings which supposedly wouldn’t work for her.

“Tattle web journals and this very unentertaining Chickenhead media character doesn’t work. It’s horrendous acting sister. Quit hollering into your telephone like you have pretty much no clue…

Sovereign radio dropped from Apple, you got dismissed by Netflix and HBO Max… then attempted to give @bronstudios a final offer about working with me whenever odds are good that they’re presumably not in any event, going to deliver your narrative after the fact that you were so dreadful to them and how revolting they all think you are,” Banks composed.

Azealia Banks blusters likewise went on with her advising the rapper to seek help and asserted that she hinted that the rapper was dependent on narcotics.

“you can’t make a trip to specific nations with those substances. What’s more, we don’t want to see you have a seizure attempting to stop narcotics without clinical help.”

Nicki Minaj has not answered Banks despite the fact that she is claiming that the “Very Freaky Young lady” utilizes drugs.

Last week, Minaj documented a claim for slander against a YouTuber who guaranteed that she was supposedly a cocaine client and she has recordings of her utilizing the medication.

Minaj questioned that she utilized tranquilizes and proposed to get her hair tried to demonstrate that she doesn’t.