Ayushi Khurana talks about marital differences shown in ‘Ajooni’

Mumbai, Sep 12 (IANS) Ayushi Khurana, right now found in the TV show ‘Ajooni’ said that the continuous track mirrors the distinctions between the lead characters Ajooni(Ayushi) and Rajveer(Shoaib Ibrahim) in their marriage and how they are attempting to figure it out.

She said: “A marriage is tied in with giving each other equivalent help and regard. Ajooni and Rajveer are two unique people who have total inverse perspectives yet when such various spirits meet up in a blessed bond like marriage the way to make it fruitful is by recognizing one another and treating them similarly.”


In the succession, Rajveer is seen supporting Ayushi when she had to hydrate with which her mother by marriage’s feet were washed.

“As we found in the most recent episodes, Rajveer chooses to stand firm for Ajooni by supporting her after she is compelled to hydrate which Ajooni uses to wash her mother by marriage’s feet as a discipline. It was a valiant demonstration by Rajveer to help his better half in such conditions,” she added.

Khurana declares that marriage is about shared understanding and supporting each other when required and this is the very thing the show is attempting to bring out through the science of Ajooni and Rajveer.

She made sense of: “An objective in a marriage is to continuously remain by one another regardless of what the circumstance. Ajooni and Rajveer are attempting to see one another and support each other inside and out however in some cases such circumstances happen which compel them to conflict with one another.

Yet, what is important in the end is the means by which the two of them defeat these circumstances and forever be on the side of one another and give each other that regard in marriage.”