Australian Woman Missing Mexico

A 32-year-old Australian woman named Tahnee Shanks recently disappeared in Mexico. People became aware of her disappearance when her 2-year-old daughter, Adelyn, was found by herself outside a church in Cancun.

The toddler was wandering outside the church on a Sunday evening. People realized that something was amiss when they found her alone. The church was several hours away from her home.

Shanks’ brother, Daniel, is currently in North Queensland, desperately waiting for her sister to be found out. He has not been able to sleep for days due to excessive worry about her sister’s well-being.

Mexico Caribbean authorities have alerted people about the disappearance of Adelynn’s parents. Two family members of Shanks have decided to visit Mexico and bring Adelynn back to Australia.

Daniel shared details about her sister’s life with the public. He said that Shanks was very adventurous and decided to leave home when she was only 18 years old. She wanted to travel all over the world. According to Daniel, she would return home occasionally to earn money.

Shanks recently experienced a relationship breakdown and wanted to come back to Australia. She had wanted to return to Australia for several months. However, she could not come back to Australia due to COVID regulations.

Adelynn is currently in a foster home. The man who found her outside the church also helped manage resources for her. One of Shanks’ childhood friends, Ella Stower, has set up a GoFundMe page for her. T

Ella told the media that the fund page aims to raise enough money to bring Adelynn back to Australia. Any support will help the toddler return to her family. The family of Shanks is worried that there could be problems in bringing Adelynn to Australia.

Several people saw a man leave Adelynn outside the church. Shanks’ family believes that the man was no other than her father. Shanks’ husband has been to jail on multiple occasions. Shanks and her husband are currently missing.