Anna Faris on Her Past Struggle to Connect with Her Stepkids: ‘Why Don’t They Like Me?’

Anna Faris may be a mother to her own 10-year-old son Jack, yet she initially attempted to connect with the two youngsters her husband, cinematographer Michael Barrett, has from a past marriage. In the new issue of Individuals, Faris, 45, admits she “felt extremely immature” when she initially started spending time with Barrett’s children.  “I wanted to be a youngster like them. I was listening to music so uproariously, I was embarrassing them. I was always similar to, ‘For what reason don’t they like me?’” Faris answers her own question.

“I think that I didn’t convince them to cultivate a trusting relationship, because I also think, when you’re an actor, your… interactions are not the same as with a great many people,” she says.

“A great many people, regardless of whether they care for you, are really kind to you, which obviously, inflates your inner self or whatever, and you simply don’t will generally have a ton of discourteous or normal interactions,” continues Faris. “And I think that I didn’t regard the idea that I have something else entirely with them.”

Over the long haul, however, they have bonded. “I have this special place in their life where I simply become strong.

And I have been really working hard on that,” says Faris, who shares Jack with her ex, Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt.

Faris met Barrett on the arrangement of the 2018 film Overboard and the pair absconded in 2021.

“I’ve never been a big wedding person,” Faris advises Individuals of their decision to discreetly marry. A year into their marriage, the couple continues to focus on time together.

“We realized early on that we would have rather not been apart,” she says. “There’s a feeling of consistent safety and security that I really appreciate.”

Barrett even joined Faris in New Orleans earlier this year while she shot The Estate, an extremely adult parody about scheming sisters Savanna (Faris) and Macey (Toni Collette) competing with their cousins (David Duchovny and Rosemarie DeWitt) in a journey to worm their way into the desire of their mean, terminally sick aunt Hilda (Kathleen Turner).

After her many turns portraying sweet, effervescent blondes in fan favorites like 2008’s The House Rabbit, “there’s such liberation in getting to play kind of atrocious individuals,” says Faris.

“The emphasis for such a great deal my career felt like the likability factor: ‘Is she likable?’ That always felt like the mantra. So I had a blast playing Savanna. It sustained something in me.”

The Estate debuts in theaters Nov. 4