Andrew Chapman Missing – IS He Found?

A man named Andrew Chapman has been missing since December 8, 2006. People last saw him at his home on Whitehorne Avenue in the Hilltop neighborhood of west Columbus. His age was 32 when he disappeared. 

Chapman struggled with drug addiction before his disappearance. In 2004, a doctor prescribed him opioids for relieving his back pain after getting involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, Chapman became addicted to the drug.

He entered drug rehabilitation programs three times but relapsed every time. Chapman’s wife left him and took their son with her. She had filed for divorce from Chapman in 2005. Chapman maintained a close relationship with her mother and grandmother.

On December 6, 2006, Chapman called her mother and told her that he wanted to meet her immediately. Her mother was ill and could not meet with her son right away. She later told that her son sounded panicked.

Chapman’s mother came to see her son at his house on December 8, 2006. However, she did not find him in his house. Neighbors told her that the house was scheduled to turn into a bank and that her son had moved out a few days ago.

Chapman’s family first reported a missing person case about him in January 2007 when he did not show up on a court day. They tried to contact him but failed and reported him missing to the police.

In 2008, Officials closed the search investigation of Chapman when they learned about his background story. They did so without notifying Chapman’s family. They thought that he ran from his house deliberately to avoid legal troubles.

In 2013, Authorities reopened the search investigation of Andrew Chapman after they found that he had still not contacted his family. Chapman’s family thinks that some foul play is involved in the disappearance of their beloved family member.

The missing case of Andrew Chapman is still not solved in 2022. Anyone with relevant information about the whereabouts of Andrew Chapman will get $3000 as a reward. Chapman is 6 feet tall and has brown eyes and brown hair. You can contact the Columbus Police Department at (614) 645-4545 to share information regarding his disappearance.