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Who is Andre 3000? What is his Calling and Ethnicity?  Andre 3000’s total assets is anticipated to be more than $35 million as of November 2022.

American rapper, vocalist, musician, entertainer, record maker, and entertainer named Andre Benjamin “Andre 3000” hails from Atlanta. He is generally known for being an individual from the hip-bounce bunch Outkast, which he shaped with Big Boi.

Benjamin has acted in various Programs and motion pictures, including “Families,” “The Safeguard,” “Gun,” “Four Brothers,” and “Everything Is close by.”

Early life, Birthday and School of Andre 3000  On May 27, 1975, Andre Benjamin was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the sole offspring of a solitary realtor.

Net Worth:

$35 Million




May 27, 1975




1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)

Country of Origin:

United States of America

Source of Wealth:

Professional Rapper

Last Updated:

November 2, 2022

Benjamin is an American with Haitian parentage. He grew up revering a many individuals who enlivened his melodic taste.

East Point, Bankhead, and Atlanta, Georgia are where Benjamin was raised. He went to Tri-Urban communities Secondary School, Northside Secondary School, Sutton Center School, and Sarah Smith Grade School.

Who is Andre 3000 hitched to?   Benjamin and vocalist Erykah Badu had a youngster they named Seven Sirius Benjamin while they were together from 1996 to 1999. (born November 18, 1997). Individuals for the Moral Treatment of Creatures (PETA) chose Benjamin and Alicia Silverstone as the “World’s Hottest Veggie lover VIP” in 2004.

He had recently been a veggie lover, however in 2014 he said, “I endured 15 years being a severe vegetarian. I even attempted crude. In any case, it decayed socially. I was basically just eating a plate of mixed greens when I was at home. You turn awful. That is hurtful to you.”

Benjamin showed up in a print ad for the Proclaim Yourself drive, which urged youngsters to enroll to cast a ballot in the 2008 official political race in the US. In the ads shot by picture taker David LaChapelle, a tie was utilized to tie the man’s mouth emblematically. [43]

Proficient Melodic vocation of Andre 3000 | Grants   To send off his vocation, Andre 3000 joined the gathering OutKast.

At the point when Dre and Big Boi were only 18 years of age, they associated with the neighborhood creation bunch “Coordinated Noize” and delivered the tape single “Player’s Ball” on Arista LaFace Records. Afterward, it took off to the highest point of the Board Singles outline.

The OutKast association was simply starting. Together, Big Boi and Andre 3000 became one of rap’s most compelling demonstrations of the 1990s.

‘Stankonia,’ a hybrid collection by OutKast delivered in 2000, arrived at number two on the Bulletin 200 thanks to the main single ‘Ms. Jackson,’ and ‘Speakerboxxx/The Adoration Underneath,’ delivered three years after the fact, both included gigantic hits for the gathering (2003).

Best White Rappers ever  During the 2000s, Andre 3000 started acting. He had appearances on TV programs like “The Safeguard,” “Hollywood Crime,” and “Four Brothers.” He and Big Boi delivered a melodic film featuring OutKast in a made up Discouragement time 1935 setting in 2006.

In 2008, Andre 3000 presented the “Benjamin Bixby” clothing line, which represents considerable authority in university football clothing. He additionally gave two independent collections that year, “Think In an unexpected way” and “Change Self image: Blend Tape.”

Andre 3000 has teamed up with various celebrities over his profession, including Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and John Legend.

How much is the total assets of Andre 3000 ?  As of November 2022, Andre 3000’s total assets is $35 Million.

Andre 3000 Rap, Tunes adn Collections Features | Grants  Here are some of Andre 3000’s most noteworthy vocation high focuses:

Lifts (Tune, 1996)   B.O.B (Tune, 2000)   Stankonia (Collection, 2000)  The Entire World (Tune, 2001)  Indeed, even In Haziness (Collection, 2001)  Hello Ya (Tune, 2003)  Speakerboxxx/The Adoration Beneath (Collection, 2003)  Idlewild (Collection, 2006)  Chicago Global Film Celebration (Arising Craftsman Grant, 2006) – Won  What are the axioms by Andre 3000 ?  “I figure a great deal of African-American children don’t have fathers to show them how to dress, so you turn out to be educated by pictures in magazine and films. You see ranchers, Indians, old Hollywood movies, Cary Award. It meaningfully affects you.” – Andre 3000

“At the point when the OutKast sound changed and I began creating my own records, I would reflect what I believed that character doing that music would seem to be. As the sound got somewhat more stunning, freakier and crazier, so did the garments. Then when the sound got more refined, the garments changed once more.” – Andre 3000

“I believe showing style now is truly significant. Most of style right presently is to behave as you don’t have style by any means, so most organizations are getting rich off garments that look torn, garments that look worn.” – Andre 3000

“See Scottish folks wearing kilts – you could take a gander at them and giggle, yet the manner in which they convey themselves, how might you? You can wear probably the most odd things and be cool. Assuming you trust in it, that is the very thing makes it cool.” – Andre 3000

You may likewise prefer to peruse the most recent bio of Andre 3000 spouse: Erykah Badu  “I think about why a great many people move to New York City: a change, another beginning. My child moved out to pursue a college degree, and my folks died — both of them inside the most recent six years. I was like, I’ve somewhat outlasted Atlanta. Dislike I go to the studio — I’m simply lounging around with nothing to do and doing stuff I shouldn’t do.” – Andre3000

“Tretorns began the tennis court and afterward turned into a road thing. Bixby was my initial introduction to plan. Frankly, man, those were the best seasons of my life. I was going to the texture shows in Paris, I’m traveling to Hong Kong, traveling to Italy. At a certain point, I was in Hong Kong, and there was a N.E.R.D. show, which is Pharrell.” – Andre3000

FAQs  What is Andre 3000’s market esteem?  It is accepted that Andre 3000 is valued at $35 million.  What is Andre 3000’s age?  Andre 3000, who is currently 47 years of age, was born on May 27, 1975.  What is Andre 3000’s level?  The level of Andre 3000 is 1.78 m, or 5 ft 10 in.  Outline   The primary explanation individuals perceive Andre 3000 is on the grounds that he is an Outkast part. He has sold large number of collections around the world. Unquestionably, his total assets will keep on ascending over the accompanying five years.   Andre 3000’s total assets is assessed to be $35 Million as of November 2022.000