Who Is Aimee Jane Cannon From West Calder? Know Her Death Cause

Aimee Jane Cannon is a precocious mother of West Calder. In addition, she was a mother of two, 26. She was discovered to be dead at Learmonth Crescent, West Calder at around 6.35 at night on a Saturday.

Additionally, she was declared dead by the police at the scene, her death being considered murder. In addition, authorities have discovered that she was victim of a vicious and persistent attack, and are now working to determine the person responsible.

For further details for more information, the police Scotland’s Major Investigation Team is conducting the investigation. They are appealing anyone with information to provide it.

Who is Aimee Jane Cannon, a native of West Calder?

Aimee Jane Cannon the victim of a vicious and persistent attack. In addition, she was the mom of two. In addition Cannon’s title Aimee Jane Cannon started to pop up on the screen following that news about her death appeared in all the news sources.

Additionally she was also the resident in West Calder. Additionally the emergency services declared her dead on the spot and are now celebrating the death of her as the murder.

There’s nothing that has been made public regarding Cannon’s professional life until now or by investigators or her relatives, as she lived an ordinary life prior to this.

Furthermore, the officers of the police have confirmed that the investigation is in progress. They are doing their best to close the case and provide as much detail as they can.

Aimee Jane Cannon Family

As we’ve already said, Aimee Jane Cannon, a young mother of two, who seemed to be married. Many are trying to connect to her family members and her personal life.

However, the details about her children or partner haven’t been disclosed to the media, which could be because of privacy issues. When it comes to her online presence She is expected to keep present on Facebook. However, her official account isn’t accessible on Facebook nor any other platforms for social media.

In addition, Aimee Jane Cannon’s family and friends mourn her loss and paying tributes to her via social media. We can also find her pictures on Facebook effortlessly.

Aimee Jane Cannon Murder Case- Is Suspect Arrested?

According to our reliable sources, a 25-year-old man was detained in connection in the murder case of Cannon. But the police have not revealed his name or other personal information as of yet.

Additionally the investigation is being carried out by police officers from the Police Scotland’s Major Investigation Team. In addition, Forensic administrators reached the site early on Monday morning to conduct further investigation.