Actress Shan George Frightened As Halima Abubakar Exposes Her, Leaks Private Chats

Nollywood entertainer and movie producer Shan George may be keeping quiet via online entertainment over Halima Abubakar’s perpetual show with her, yet the entertainer is stirred up.

Halima, who had been away from online entertainment for weeks continued hours prior, hauling the veteran close by minister, Missionary Johnson Suleman.

Resuming their quarrel, Halima Abubakar shared screen captures of a supposed talk between Shan George and the minister.

In the talk, Missionary was asking assuming Halima had proof against her, and Shan George answered that the entertainer isn’t adequately shrewd to keep one.

Blowing hot at Shan George, she addressed why the entertainer was after her.

Halima noticed how Shan George spread bogus bits of gossip that she had malignant growth quite a while back. Notwithstanding, Shan George apologized for it.

Halima Abubakar took steps to spill more about her relationship with the minister.

“God favor all of you till endlessness your consideration and love are overpowering.. I will see you soon. God is Great. Pls be cautious with companions and collaborators, they love nobody I use to call her mami. For what reason would you say you are as yet ffing me? Say thanks to God I took nothing from you. Shan, you said I had malignant growth quite a while back, which you denied and apologize. Did I tell you, I don’t have any idea where my concern is from? You calling me names once more. Envision both of you. Johnson, you need war? I will give you war. Attempt and cut my page down. E go stunned you”.

In another post, Halima encouraged the entertainer to stop safeguarding him as she would lament her activities.

Taking note of how the entertainer has children, Halima expressed that the Witness would do her most exceedingly awful.

“You have children Shan. He would do you more regrettable”.

Early today, Halima Abubakar released a talk of Shan George communicating dread over her eruptions.

In the spilled visits, Shan George had addressed somebody, whose character stays obscure, on Halima’s new post.

Labeling the entertainer an insane young lady, she expressed that she had been attempting to arrive at the Missionary however he wasn’t getting her call.

Shan George uncovered that she was going crazy over Halima’s Instagram stories.

Shan George composed,

“Hello darlings did you see what this insane young lady posted on IG story, been attempting to call witness and he hasn’t been getting. I’m going off the deep end and pls how could she get our discussion? However, i’m confounded to we should attempt to see tomorrow as soon as could really be expected and perceive how we can determine this I’m going crazy (actually look at her IG story”.

Sharing the talk, Halima Abubakar called the veteran mischievous.

She encouraged all her calling the missionary as she isn’t withdrawing.

“Shan George you are underhanded. Yet, you go hear am! Continue to call him o”.

Halima Abubakar proceeded to share more visits of Shan George discussing her.

In another post, Halima promised to make her and Messenger’s lives hopeless.

“Shan George awaken. Say thanks to God forever. How our man? I will sure make both of you hopeless”.