A Look Into Antonio Cupo And Dorothy Wang Married Life

Antonio Cupo has a propensity for showing up in blissful films, which are in many cases Hallmark motion pictures. For very nearly 10 years, he has been an installation on the TV film organization.

Furthermore, similar to his on-screen characters’ families, his true private life is absolutely extraordinary. It’s awful that he doesn’t open up much about his family to his significant other and kids. Here are a few facts concerning Cupo’s marriage, wedding, and how he deals with his own and business lives.


Antonio Cupo’s Family with Wife Dorothy Wang Cupo has been hitched to Dorothy Wang for around seven years. He hasn’t said where he met his better half or how long they dated prior to wedding, yet as per a post on her Facebook, they became participated in 2015.

On May 28, 2015, the pair wedded in the shoreline city of Vancouver, British Columbia, where he was born. Their wedding enlistment has recently her name, as well as their wedding date and area.

Going through her Facebook profile uncovers a few insights about their wedding. As found in their wedding pictures, the pair wearing white on their big day. They likewise partook in a beautiful photoshoot on a rough ocean side.

Wang appears to keep her web-based entertainment accounts stowed away or restrict her cooperation to a base. Her only open postings on Facebook are her 2016 commemoration messages and a couple of selfies with Cupo.

Several has two kids. Brando, their child, was born in 2016, and Chiara, their little girl, was born in 2019. Cupo solely posts photos and recordings of his little girl on Instagram, while there are not many short motion pictures of Brando in his features. His better half, then again, appeared to appreciate the in disguise.

Balance between fun and serious activities with Children for Antonio Cupo Cupo and Wang, in the same way as other different guardians during the plague, encountered their portion of dramatic minutes close by their kids.

Since they had as of late moved into another house and were instructing their two small kids, they kept them occupied with during the lockdowns. “It was a second for us to reflect,” he remarked in a December 2020 meeting with My Devotional Thoughts. He figured out how significant each time he enjoys with his youngsters is.

Being a parent is likewise the position he most appreciates. His “modest bunch” of youngsters is his most memorable concentration. “At the point when I’m on work, it possesses 90% of my waking hours, in this way I need to immerse myself with them between my ventures,” Cupo told Community Magazine NJ in November 2020. Cupo is as yet working for Hallmark, however his Instagram uncovers that he is as dedicated to having a great day to day life.