8 arrested in attack on K’taka cop by ganja mafia in Maharashtra

Bengaluru, Sep 27 (IANS) The Karnataka Police have captured eight people regarding the instance of assault on the Circle Police Examiner Srimanth Illal in Maharashtra during a strike on weed fields, state Home Pastor Araga Jnanendra expressed here on Tuesday.

“We have likewise recuperated the assistance gun which the scoundrel posse had grabbed during the assault,” he underlined.


Jnanendra further expressed that the controller was at this point to recover cognizance and treatment was proceeding. The captured people have been barbecued to recover the total nexus.

The Karnataka Police had carried the Circle Investigator on Monday to the Bengaluru Manipal Medical clinic. Controller Srimanth was gone after by a pack of 40 weed (pot) cultivators in Maharashtra.

The extraordinary plan of the air rescue vehicle was made following the Reviewer’s chronic infirmity condition.

The occurrence had occurred on September 23 in the Taruri town of Umarga taluka in Manthala police headquarters cutoff points of Maharashtra. The police had captured Naveen from Kalaburagi and Santosh from Bhosaga in Basavakalyan taluk on charges of selling hashish.

In light of their data, Kamalapur police reviewer Srimanth and a 10-part police group had struck a farming field in Maharashtra near the Karnataka line, 80 kilometers from Kalaburagi. A pack of 40 people, who surfaced unexpectedly with wooden logs and stones, went after the police group.

However Srimanth attempted to start shooting, the aggressors overwhelmed him. He supported wounds all over, chest and stomach. His condition is supposed to be basic.