5 Horrifying Facts Regarding Lori Ann Slesinski’s Murder

Lori Ann Slesinski, a 24-year-old Coppery, Alabama lady, disappeared in 2006. The frightening instance of Slesinski will be returned to and analyzed in the impending version of CBS’ 48 Hours, which will air on Saturday, September 24, 2022, at 10 p.m. /9 p.m. EST, solely on CBS. The episode is named A Man With a Past, and the authority CBS synopsis is as per the following:”A young woman withdraws. The fundamental suspect has a criminal history, having killed his folks as a young person. Did he carry out another homicide? Saturday, 48 Hours writer Peter Van Sant reports.”

Watchers have been anxious to hear more about the virus case since CBS delivered the authority sneak look trailer for the 48 Hours program named, A Man With a Past.


Learn five significant facts in regards to the disastrous vanishing and murder of Lori Ann Slesinski.

Who was Lori Ann Slesinski? Lori Ann Slesinski was a woman who was born in Reddish-brown, Alabama. Arlene and Casey Slesinski brought forth her. She had a brother called Paul and a little dog named Nut that she revered. She moved on from Coppery College in 2004.

She sought to get an Expert of Brain science. She purportedly worked at a close by psychological wellness emergency clinic with her companion Lindsay Braun, whom she met at Coppery College during her lesser year. Lori Ann, who was 24 years of age in 2006, had a splendid future in front of her. Her entire presence, in any case, was turned over when she disappeared on Saturday, June 10, 2006, leaving no follow.

Where was Lori Ann last seen? Lori Ann’s dearest companion Lindsay Braun said she wanted to visit Braun’s home for a ladies night out on June 10, 2006. She was most recently seen that night at a close by Walmart, getting things for her Braun’s home. Braun educated 48 Hours’ Van Sant concerning Lori Ann’s vanishing on the night she disappeared:

“We were anticipating having mixed drinks at my place,… We planned to drink Rum Sprinters, watch a film, and simply hang out and partake in some woman time. She called at 6:30 a.m. furthermore, said, “I will drop by the store, get the beverage blends, and afterward I’ll head your place,” The telephone then, at that point, rang something like 30 minutes after the fact. It rang a couple of times. I answered that nobody was available.”

Who precisely is Derrill Ennis? Derrill Ennis, initially from Reddish-brown, Alabama, was captured and sentenced in 2018 for the snatching and cutthroat homicide of Lori Ann Slesinski. He was 38 years of age when he was captured.

He used to be familiar with Lori Ann, as indicated by sources. As per Braun, Derrill was with Lori upon the arrival of her vanishing since she heard his voice behind the scenes while talking on the telephone with her. She was indifferent, however, since Derrill and Lori were companions.

Braun expressed:”I wasn’t stressed since they were buddies.”

What happened after Lori Ann evaporated? Lori Ann Slesinski’s family members and companions acknowledged something was astray when she neglected to answer her telephone ordinarily. At the point when one of her collaborators and her dearest companion went to beware of her, they found her home entryway open and her darling canine alone.

Lori’s family members detailed her missing on June 13, 2006. Lori’s vanishing was first delegated a missing individual examination by the Alabama Police Division. Her car, be that as it may, exploded four days after the fact in a circular drive outside a building site. Lori, then again, was no place to be seen.

What Befall Derrill Ennis? For over 10 years, the case stayed strange. Notwithstanding, the case was restored in 2016, and following a 18-month examination, specialists found sufficient proof to demonstrate Derrill Ennis’ cooperation in the wrongdoing.

Ennis was caught by authorities in country Virginia on August 2018. Lori Ann Slesinski’s horrifying homicide was brought against him. He was captured and stopped in the Montgomery District Virginia Prison without bail. He is supposed to stand preliminary for homicide in Walk 2022.