2023: Please Vote With Your Head, Sense And Full Chest- 2face Advices Nigerians

As the nation gets ready for the 2023 general political race, which will be a distinct advantage, VIPs keep on instructing citizens on the need of casting a ballot shrewdly.

Honest Idibia, commonly known as 2face, has joined different famous people in loaning their help to the looming political race. In the impending political race, he encouraged Nigerians to cast a ballot with their heads, detects, and full chests.


2Baba stated: “My kindred Nigerians kindly vote with your head, your sense and full chest in the following races. In the event that your sense make u vote in light of religion, clan or capability pls go ahead and judge yourself without anyone else.

“Vote not battle, political race bo bẹ war. Na wetin go blessing individual e go decision in favor of. So hence perosn wey the ongoing circumstance dey favor go vote and individual wey e no dey favor go vote as well.

“Pick as per who you accept. Na the primary sort of dissent be this political race o!! Opportunity”.

Recall how 2Baba answered by deploring about the hopeless circumstance of the country?

The 47-year-old dad of seven inquired as to whether he was seeing the country’s desperate conditions in an alternate course of events on his Instagram story.

Furthermore, 2Baba addressed whether he was going overboard and whether what was occurring in Nigeria was ordinary. He said, “I’m puzzled.”

He expressed: “IS IT ME? AM I Seeing THESE THINGS IN ANOTHERTIMELINE?? ABI MULTIVERSE IS ALL THAT IS Happening IN NAIJA Extremely Typical AND I’m Simply Blowing up? Astounded At any rate SHA WE Will Conquer LIGHT Should SHOW”.